Ah, what can I say?

Kind of feeling all over the place at the moment. Tomorrow I start at ANZ. Just had the staff Christmas party on Friday. Received results that I would have been happy in any other semester, but just not enough this time. I don’t normally post my results, but I will this time.

2006 2   433342 Software Engineering Methods             078  H2A2006 2   433343 Professional Issues in Computing         076  H2A2006 2   433353 Networks and Communications              067  H32006 Y   433340 Software Engineering Project             078  H2

I wouldn’t be surprised if I got the lowest mark for 340 within the whole team. Towards the end of the project, especially semester 2, I just lost my motivation and pretty much left a lot of tasks for the others to do. I was so lost during the implementation phase, as there was a strong lack of communication towards me. However, I was definitely not a “free-loader”. Just felt sidelined frequently. Here’s to a more cohesive group in 440.

As I know every bit of my 343 mark, I’m highly unimpressed with how I’ve been marked. First, of course, my tutorial participation and then my critical reflection. I received 12/15 for a “test” that was not merit or skill-based, but personal opinion based. So what did they want for those extra three marks?! Apparently it is against university policy to ask what did the student ‘learn’ during the semester in a test, and essentially that was what all the questions were. What seemed to be a relatively solid essay didn’t score as well as expected, although I did say I would have been happy with a H2 mark for it, which we did receive. I definitely don’t believe I deserved 9/15 for tutorial participation. The tutor must have been asleep – he looked more and more dishevelled and rolled-out-of-bed every subsequent tutorial. To think that if I had received only FOUR more marks, which seem very easy to attain, I would have had a H1 for this subject.

Now another H1 contender was 342. I can only blame myself for losing track of time in the exam. If I had achieved only a few more marks in the exam, a H1 I would have received.

And for the worst performing subject? As I can also calculate my marks backwards for 353, I realise I pretty much just passed the exam. Well, I had been slightly worrying about whether I had failed this exam. Another subject I can only blame myself for. I knew a lot of what was going to be on the exam, but I procrastinated too much. I guess if I had put in more effort, I wouldn’t have had that sinking feeling every time I thought about results release. However, for me, a H3 is good enough for 353.

Now I need to continue further and redeem myself for 2007. My last year! がんばってね! Let’s see if I can finally attain that elusive H1.

Christmas party went well. All the girls received an Aveda voucher as our present. Now I need to find out if there are any good Aveda products Otherwise, I’ll fork out $20 extra for a facial. My poor face has kinda exploded into unmentionables since semester two. Went to the same place for dinner as last year and food was good. No real speech this time, but I think quite a lot of them were too drunk . After dinner, everyone seemed to want to karaoke, which led us to Charltons. I thought it had become smoke-free, but I guess I was just lucky last time I went. At day, it’s a hangout for Asians to pool, but at night it turns into poorly ventilated karaoke bar filled with Westerners singing pop-rock. The songs were way too 80s and rocky for me. The only time there was R&B were the filler songs played in between karaoke singers. Post-Charltons, the night kind of went a bit all over the place. People quickly dropped and by 3am, I decided it was time to leave the few left. 

So, tomorrow will be my first day at ANZ. I still have no idea what I will be doing. My buddy was really nice, she even paid for lunch, which I felt really bad about. I prefer the Western split-the-bill way. I have no idea what I should bring. I might need to buy a diary, unless they give me one. It doesn’t even look like I’ll be doing much work in the first week. Tuesday is the official orientation and then Wednesday there’s an IT conference. I guess I’ll just have play this week by ear.

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