Now I know why people think I am smart

I never really understood why so many people thought I was smart.
The creator of Dilbert has just enlightened me.

First, and this cannot be over-emphasized, you need to wear corrective lenses even if your eyesight is perfect. Spectacles add ten imaginary points to your I.Q. 

Check. Albeit, eyesight is far from perfect.

Second, you must learn to stop talking so much. 

Check again. I never talk. I am unfortunately opinionless or neutral on way too many subjects.

It’s important to agree with people if you want them to think you are a genius. 

Check yet again. Half the time I can’t really hear what others are talking about or have already lost concentration, so I just nod and smile, hoping they will continue talking and not realise I have no clue about what they are really trying to say.

So there you are. You now know how smart I really am.


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