“A very different bank”

I’m going to stop referring to the actual business name of where I am currently employed full-time. Obviously if you have been following this blog or with hardly any effort, you will understand what company I am talking about.


  • Boring
  • Work feels unsubstantial, not making a difference
  • Terribly silo-ed.
  • Slight mental generation gap with collegues
  • Aren’t meshing too well with peer interns
  • Colleagues’ days are packed with seemingly unproductive meetings
  • Lack of support


  • Pay
  • Good location

That’s not too great a summary is it. If pay is pretty much the only good thing, I can’t really see myself being able to work here long term. Actually, in the limited idle time I have now, I find myself mentally drafting rejection letters for my graduate offer – if I was to receive one. That is seriously not a good sign.

I can’t wait for the two week break. I seriously have to do some soul searching.


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