Graduate applications

I’ve just completed two graduate applications for Macquarie Bank and one for Goldman Sachs JBWere. I have the worst grade average ever and after submitting one of the Macquarie applications, I realised I made an astronomical mistake! Two of the applications are due this evening. 

“Huh? Aren’t you working at company A? Won’t you pretty much get a grad position? Why are you doing this?”, the readers ask.

Yes, I have been with company A for three weeks and I have been working like crazy. There have been so many nights where straight after dinner I collapse into sleep. Therefore, I think I’m probably in contention to receive a grad position. The points that are against me are that I’m as interesting as a rock and way too quiet. To be honest, it sounds like a lot of the other interns don’t actually have much work to do It’s kind of unfair… While some are finding out what mutant they are, I’m drawing process map after process map. For me, this week back has just been hectic. On a brighter note, I think I am getting along with the interns a teensy bit more now. Mass-emailing certainly helps.

So, why am I still applying for graduate positions, especially for investment banks? I don’t even think I could cope with the typical investment banker’s
lifestyle. I’m sleep deprived already, I shouldn’t make it worse. Man, my cover letters were laughable. I made myself sound like some gung-ho person with lots of DRIVE. Haha. Heck, my grades are rock bottom, I’ll probably be filtered out on my poor average anyway. To make my average worse, I accidentally left out one of my high scoring subjects in the subject listing for one Macquarie app. Damn, of all the ones leave out… Why do the companies like to torture us by forcing us to manually fill these details. They have so much money, they could use OCR? Yes, I wonder why I’m filling out these applications as well.


  1. I seriously don’t think company A is for me. Although, if I was offered a grad position, I would be a little torn. There are so many
    reasons why I don’t want to work here now. Maybe in five years I wouldn’t mind working there, but just not the graduating years. There seems to be some sort of subtle mental generation gap. However, then I go and visit some other A offices, with modern furnishings and better lighting, it seems much more enticing. Plus, most of the services will be moved to a new Docklands building soon. However, I just can’t imagine detailing requirements for the next few years of my life. I really think I need to work with money! Maybe I’m just in the wrong area? Even before I got in, I said to a friend, the only good thing about A is that I get discounted mortgages… 
  2. I have time, compared to when I get back to uni. Final year is going to be one huge stress, with the yearlong project and me trying to continue achieving “better” grades, not to mention more apps (see point )!
  3. Most IB applications close in January.
  4. “Just because” I can…
  5. I need the practice. Soon a whole flood of graduate positions will open and I kind of have my sights set on the Big 4, (in preference order: E&Y, Deloitte, PwC, KPMG). Government positions look interesting as well, especially the benefits and cushy hours. Then there are the consulting companies, although IBM and accenture work their employees like dogs – or so I have heard. I am not making the mistake I did last year with my vac apps. Actually, it’s kind of ironic. I was about a few hours away from the cutoff time for company A’s vac app and I thought wasn’t even going to do it. I ended up submiting it about half hour before cutoff with minimal effort, “just because”, and look where I am at now. However, I stressed about so many other firm’s apps and I got nada from them.
    This year, for the Big 4 and other considerable firms, no more last minute flurry of answering a million selection criteria and behavioural questions any more. Submitting all the applications at the last minute was heavily detrimental to my chances. Despite the ICAA code of conduct, many firms started interviewing before apps officially closed, meaning some had probably selected their candidates by the time I clicked on ‘Submit’. I’m going to be prepared and submit earlier this time!

I should get to sleep, it’s way past my full-time work bedtime. Getting my photo taken with other technology interns tomorrow.

P.S. OT: My brother got a much nicer sounding ENTER score due to the VCAA mistake.
P.S.S. Sorry for my increasingly rambling entries. Also sorry for my absence on msn.


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