I’m really neglecting this place, but I guess that’s what I do when I’m not super busy. I seem to update when I’m procrastinating, but since I’m not at uni, I guess that would be the main reason for my lack of entries recently. However, I am definitely working myself tired. I even started going to after work drinks; an event I completely dread because I have absolutely no social skills. Plus, I don’t drink at all. I once made a joke that I drink as much an AA reformer, but it backfired. They thought I was a previous alcoholic… Well, I have finally discovered a (non-alcoholic) drink I can order at the bar: Lemon, lime and bitters. I was quite surprised as it’s not green, but blush pink! 

I’m having sort of a mini dilemma. I’ve stated in previous entries, I had pretty much decided I would not accept a graduate offer from Company A. I’m having second thoughts and doubts. Three more weeks to go. I’ve since had a look at other office environments and been placed on a much more substantial project and I’m liking it more. However, accepting an offer in technology would seem to be a big mistake, as I would pretty much forfeit my chance to attain a CA. IMO, I think it’s easier to enter technology rather than accounting in later life. I guess, I wouldn’t mind returning to Company A, say when I was 25+; I just don’t think it would be the greatest opportunity for me to accept their (potential) graduate offer.

*Reference from a recent episode of The O.C.. I thought it was funny…


2 thoughts on “Dorkalicious*

  1. Ellie ellie, lemon lime bitters actually have alcohol in them heheheh just that it is just so tiny that you cant really feel it or notice it.
    The "bitter" is the ingredient that has the alcohol and it is why your lemon lime bitter is blush pink, some places stir the drink for you. But if you dont then you actually get to see the drink with three level of colours, yellow, white and red

  2. I see, I see.I was going to try Pina Colada next, but a search on wikipedia brings up that it has rum in it :\\

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