♪ Oh, why don’t you notice?

Dang, I thought I had two weeks between end of my internship and the resuming of university. Alas, it’s only one week. Gasp, my final year. The only year I have left to redeem myself of the poor marks of prior years, especially years 2 and 3. One more year of trying to keep my eyelids open in lectures and tutorials. Unfortunately, I know my falling asleep habit will continue on in the workforce. I’ve fallen asleep in about three or four meetings while at Company A. Worse, I’ve been caught as well! ¬¬ 

Speaking of Company A, I have made a final decision in regards to last entry’s “mini dilemma”. If I do receive an offer, I will be declining it. I’m kind of dreading my exit interview or “2nd Performance Review”. They will probably ask if I would like to continue on, etc and what am I going to say? If I say no, I won’t receive a offer and if I say yes, it’s a blatant lie. “Yes, I would like to continue on, but give me a gap of about five to ten years?”

This means, I have to go back on the graduate applications trail. Obviously, I got negative responses from the IBs, keke. However, most CA apps close just before the end of March and it’s February already! Eeep! Got to get myself into gear.

So much to do!

  • Get my Ps before Arrive Alive commences – July ’07.
  • Lose weight
  • Achieve at least H2 for every subject
  • Get graduate position offer at either e&y or deloitte.

There’s many more, but these are the main ones!


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