Way too much to do!

So why am I updating this? Especially since March is probably going to be the most busiest month of my life so far.
I have a team of 13 people in 440, am manager of the requirements team, waiting for the Company A tech offer that I will decline, in the process of applying to at least 8 firms, the usual work, plus trying to keep to keep on top of all uni subjects in general.
The 440 PM said our goal was to be the best team! Thank goodness the PM seems more than capable. This year the assessment is 80% individual, so I can’t just grow complacent hoping the work and motivations of others will pull me through. Unfortunately, it’s like the real world, where it’ll be each for their own. Plus, silly me opted for Requirements Manager when I knew I would have soooo much to juggle in Semester 1. So far, I question the feasibility of my Gantt Chart. What team, that isn’t together all the time, can make a complete SRS in about 2.5 weeks’ time? Am I just setting me and the rest of the team for failure?
I didn’t volunteer to be Client Liasion Officer again, for quasi-strategic reasons. Even the name of the project went over my head: <Name withheld>. I was like wth are Neural Networks?! Judging from the first client meeting, I think I made a good decision. About 80% of the content was way beyond my knowledge. Plus the client is a M$ fanboy; fine with me – just wish he wasn’t so adamant and assured on certain things.
Hmm, to be the best team… Team dynamics seem to be fine so far; everyone’s being very civil. This year, it was a selectively chosen group by staff. Most members seems to be more than technically capable. Although I pretty much only knew 2/13 prior to 440, the intelligent ones do develop a reputation, per se. If we up the communication moderately, develop a set of agreed processes, I think we’ll be fine.
In other uni news, 440 is constant year long assessment and 443 is constant semester year long semester. It’s quite easy for me to neglect my accounting subjects, but I really can’t afford to. Not when I have 40% mid-semester test for Financial Accounting Theory. I have no idea what Chapter 2 is talking about. Not a good start.
I also have to balance uni commitments with extending my career opportunities. Would it be cocky to say that I am even expecting a successful offer from Company A? Due to me personally arranging meetings with Company A’s Finance HR representative, that’s got to be a strike against my name. Anyway, progress with Company A is currently at a standstill. I go straight to the behavioural interview stage, but interviews don’t start until May. This is apparently in accordance with ICAA recruiting codes of practice, so that means, if successful, I’ll have a slew of interviews during late April and May. I have created a shortlist of eight firms to apply for. Of course, half of these are the Big 4. Due to my limited time, I think that’s all I can apply for.
Here ends another rambling entry.

One thought on “Way too much to do!

  1. Sounds so stressed… hope i could help…

    On the other hand, im celebrating the year w/out ICT, haha, suckers 😛

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