Lousy Requirements Manager Alert!!!

Yours truly, of course. I feel like an assistant Requirements Manager. 

I was a pseudo Requirements Manager last year, but it was so free fall. I did none of that time and resource planning stuff. Plus, let’s be honest, the document turned out crap. Quality? What quality?! We overlooked, like, a huge bunch of requirements. I can’t help but feel a certain team member is acting more as the Requirements Manager than me. I’m fine with that, (at the moment); absolutely, no animosity towards them. However, it just obviously shows how out-of-depth I currently am. Ie, a constant reminder that I could be doing my “job” better!

Tsk, tsk. I guess, this is supposed to be a learning experience. All I can do is improve on my managerial skills and that will make me better student/person/management trainee, right? It’s all about personal development.

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