This is probably something I should have written out before I made my decision as to what career path I was going to pursue for the next few years. 

What I would miss about Accounting

  1. The numbers preceded by a currency sign $_$
  2. Having control over those numbers
  3. CA qualification
  4. Opportunities to combine high-level IT with accounting in the one role
  5. The “image”

What I would miss about IT

  1. People interested in technologies
  2. People who understand code
  3. Technical minded people
  4. People who just understand who understand the geeky stuff, including the lame jokes
  5. The guys

Re: Technology, point 5.
Shock, horror! Stop Press! She’s writing about boys! Keke… From my highly generalised point of view, most accounting guys seem to be tossers. I guess it comes with the business mindset and territory. In Commerce, throughout the whole course, the faculty tries to mould us into ultra-competitive managers, where only being at the top is allowable. The aim of the Software Engineering degree is also to become a manager, but there’s a much more laid back feel. There’s just something unmistakably and unashamedly down-to-earth about the tech guys, which I feel creates a much more preferable environment to be around.
Also, although I could never be “one of the guys”, I’ve realised most of my life I’ve always been involuntarily placed in situations and grounds where I’ve been the only girl. The only time that stopped was when I started attending a girls-only schools… Hmm… Usually I would be initially uncomfortable, but then I would quickly realise there was nothing to worry about. After attending girls-only institutions for six years and entering straight into uni, I tried to desperately latch onto any potential female friend. It’s taken my about five years to figure out, just maybe, that’s not the way to go. Anyhow, the point is the type of (social) environment I would experience in Technology would be vastly different in Accounting.

To be fair, I should probably create a list of what I would not miss about the two fields as well, as there’s plenty for both. However, I will leave it for now.


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