Not having much luck

Only had one extra response from the previous entry. Apparently, all of their mid-tiers have done their callbacks now and even Deloitte – a Big 4 – as well. I really thought I would have had a better chance this year with Deloitte considering I got up to Partner interview. Things aren’t looking too flash. I actually did put a lot into my applications, but then again, I said and felt the same thing last year with my applications. I think I’ve been cut-off most places due to my poor grades.
Oh well, there’s always Company A, which in all honesty, would be a pretty good place to work in
I think I need a long break. I’ve lost my motivation
I can’t afford to, I really need to get back on track and be a driven Requirements Manager.
Plus, I must concentrate more on my mid-semester exam subjects… w00t, 40% mid-semester exam ¬.¬
Meanwhile, team dynamics within 440 are good. On Friday evening, I walked from ICT to Melbourne Central; a rare occurrence – I must have been in a very pleasant mood.

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