Herbal Essences has had a makeover

I found a link advertising Herbal Essence’s new range to be launched, so I had a peek at the US site and found some hair styling tutorial videos. 

Natural Texture is my favourite.

Straight: “You are now dangerously straight!”  Bwhahahahaha! Oh goodness, that just sounds so wrong. Plus her constant toothy smile is really freaky… Who flashes their pearly whites non-stop whilst in front of their mirror styling their hair?!

Seriously, do you really have to use like 10 bazillion different products just to get a hairstyle? I guess, I just have no clue, since on most days I don’t even brush my hair!

I should so be getting paid for this entry. However, then again, hardly any one reads this.


One thought on “Herbal Essences has had a makeover

  1. Hey Hey…hehe…I just read this..and I went to watch the video as well…I must agree with you…the Natural Texture look very tempting to try…but too bad that I don\’t have that "roller" thing at home…haha

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