Everyone else seems to be getting offers

Whereas I’m still stuck in this agonising interview process. It’s making me feel more like a failure. It really makes me start questioning what is wrong with me. Sure, my grade average is not the most impressive, but I know I know more things about so many topics than so many other graduate applicants. I guess I just don’t show it. Feedback from one interviewer said it was hard to “extract information out of me”. 

I really don’t get it. I have highly relevant work experience, I’m hard working, I’m willing to apply myself to full potential. I’m well-read. As mentioned above, I know much more about important things than many of my peers. When speaking to “competition”, I’m usually the one who knows more about a topic than them. It’s not as if I act like a know-it-all either – probably most likely the opposite. And so, the interviewers don’t see it.

Wish me luck! Mega-bouts of luck! I sincerely need it!


3 thoughts on “Everyone else seems to be getting offers

  1. Tons of luck is on the way from me,,, probably too much that you\’ll have to eat it for the rest of the year to make room for yourself… All the best 🙂 You will have your dream job, be patient it will find you.

  2. Hey Ellie I\’m sure the job you r looking for is just around the corner. Don\’t be upset and you\’ll be fine, because as you said, you know the stuff more than others do, so just be confident and you\’ll do fine. You\’ll end up with the best job ever!!!!!!

  3. Hey guys, thanks for your luck and support :)I\’d better ace this interview and get through to the next round and ace that too!

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