Funny comment at work

S: I, I am going to kill you! 

Yep, another strange bug in our database… Hehe! I do have to say, great job on it though I. I’m awaiting your next invoice.

Hmm, I was very confused at Team B’s demo. They seemed to be just demo-ing an open-source product. CakePHP is an already existing, stand-alone product and it doesn’t look like they actually made it – well, they may have contributed to it, considering it’s open-source… I guess their group was too busy with making the web-based submission.

Seems like AJAX is the current web-based buzz technology.

Received the candid photos from yesterday’s Panorama shoot.With the technology we have today, red-eye still exists?! I know I do tend to have a much redder and complexion-challenged skin tone than most people  but I do know that some of the others who appeared quite pink, do not usually look like that at all. Photoshop is the best ever! I am not bright pink anymore!



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