Restrospective and random musings

Reflection on life and things to do during swot vac and after exams. 

  • Watch a Korean series called X-man
    Recommended by a 440 team member.
  • Learn to play DotA
    I think it’s the only team “sport” I could ever “compete” in. Until today, I didn’t even really know what DotA was, except that it was LAN game. Thank goodness it’s single play only; I’ve got better things to do than levelling up characters – well, actually that could be questionable.
  • Figure out what to do in 440
    Requirements is kind of in limbo because I don’t really know what to do. Being Requirements Manager, I’ve got to just to take the next step, and what that next step is, is exactly what I need to figure out. At the rate we are going, there will never be a celebratory event for a sign-off! With Testing, I really don’t feel we have enough direction in what we are expected to do. There needs to be hard deadlines set and definitely more interaction with Coding. Also, I may need to add myself to another subteam, but I know I’ll be part of the Risk group due to the 443 legacy. I think I choose Release, since I wouldn’t mind doing User Documentation.
    Additionally, I’ll be “stand-in PM” for a fortnight. I was nominated by the current PM, but apparently I’m very good at “hassling” people… Hmmm. I think it’s because I loooooooooove sending out emails! It’s really sad.Well, how else am I going to communicate with them, when I can only see them face-to-face for about few hours about on three days? I expect, I won’t have many large responsibilities, but how I am going to enthuse a team, albeit cohesive, of 12?

It’s almost as if my life revolves around 440 now, but that’s not true at all. However, I admit I am finding less interest in communicating with my “actual friends”. Maybe, it’s because their emails are all about a blossoming relationship, and I can only (want to) contribute so much – plus, I don’t feel like my opinion is held in any real regard anyway! I have said that to her before, and I can actively see that my opinions are being passed over. For one of the most level-headed and stable thinking girls I know, her logic does go out of the window in relation to these sorts of situations. Am I a bad friend to have to feign enthusiasm at what is probably a huge event in a friend’s life, whereas I get much more excited when I receive only a mildly amusing email from a 440 team member, or finding a little tid-bit about them. Errk, that makes me sound a little stalker-ish.

Kendall was right about permanently installing the business dress code for future 440 lectures. As tragic as it sounds, I actually looked forward to seeing all the techies in their suits. Seen way too many commerce people in their suits and the feeling is now terribly passe. Most of SE dresses casually – it is IT – , so it was interesting to see the outcome. Most were good, but I think our team was the best. Some people do probably need to attain a new suit…

Actually, I feel like my whole life is in limbo now. I wasn’t supposed to be in this position by now. I was supposed to have received an graduate offer and be near completion for passing my Ps. Looks like I’ll have to be on the Graded Licensing System then.

My expected back-up graduate offer from Company A hasn’t eventuated. The HR representative never replied to me after my interview. I didn’t do that badly! Well, I’m putting it down to “their loss” now. I had worked for them, produced work that had impressed my superiors, received the highest performance review “possible” and they are letting go of me. I’m going to work some where better! I was so annoyed a few weeks ago when a girl presumptuously queried “So where are you working next year?” I don’t know! I can’t talk to many people about this issue, since they have either already signed offers or they are not applying for graduate positions.

Just heard that familiar email received alert. *checks window*. Damn, it’s just a virus…


3 thoughts on “Restrospective and random musings

  1. Korean series are really not my thing… but i like this entry, it has been a while since you posted something of this length lol i just found out that im the only one who\’s not stressed about exams and very positive after being rejected on everything >_< yet the one thing bugs me is someone i knew from my 2nd yr asks when am i going to graduate… On the good side, you ARE out of this uni life soon 🙂 Have fun doing 440 and dont forget to invite me to your panorama this year 😉 i wish it\’d be an awesome year for me next year.

  2. It\’s actually a Korean variety show, where Korean celebrities compete in games against each other. It was recommended to me by an Indian – was very suprised he was interested in Kpop!
    Yeah, I have been a bit stuck as to what to write recently. I also have to be careful about censoring myself, etc… I know that sounds paranoid, but I\’ve got to cautious!

  3. It is out of the blue cus i thought Indian ppl have better things to do than watch Kpop – -!
    Censoring yourself… isnt that why we have weird msn ids and blogs 😉

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