Sleep deprived thoughts

Slept at 4:30am and got up at 4:30pm today. 

I could have slept earlier, but I got sidetracked into procrastinating my sleep by yet another long thread of emails with a 440 team member. It was quite therapeutic actually, even if it was mostly about 440. I’m in real need of finding someone to talk to at the moment. As recorded in my recent previous entry, I can’t really speak to my “real friends” because they are living in a completely different context to me.

Actually, technically, I could probably “graduate” that 440 team member to a “real friend” because I feel like I could speak to them about anything. Yes, I can be iffy in regards to the title of “friend”. Even with my current “real friends”, I still have to be careful with censoring myself sometimes… Maybe it’s due to that I’m not sure whether my opinion is actually respected or not, or if I release a tid-bit of information about myself, sometimes they will jump all over it. So the problem is that, I’m either ignored or fussed over too much. I rather not have the hassle.

On an almost unrelated topic, I had the weirdest dream…


3 thoughts on “Sleep deprived thoughts

  1. Hey hey, I know it would feel nice to finally have someone that understand our situation. Usually friends just ask how I am and I\’ll reply busy. To them now, I\’m always busy but they don\’t really know what I\’m busy at. So, its good to find someone to have a common "busy" topic =P. hehe…anyway…all the best for exams!!!!! Good luck~~!!!

  2. To them now, I\’m always busy but they don\’t really know what I\’m busy at.
    That is what i feel constantly… Plus i dont really know what im busy at myself… im just a bad friend i guess.

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