Pre-exam Shopping Fix

Went to the city today because I really needed to use up my 5th of June expiring $50 Aveda voucher. I received it last Christmas from work and I had decided a while ago I would probably partially redeem it for a facial, since Aveda products are so pricey. Time flew by and I just never got around to booking that facial – plus I had that wallet misplacing incident, meaning I have no idea about the status of my CC. Therefore, last night, I looked up Makeup Alley’s Aveda reviews to scope out the best products that I could get with my $50. Hmm, considering the US Aveda pricing is about 2 to 2.5 times of the Australian pricing, it seemed like not much. Therefore, I left the Australia on Collins’ Aveda store with an overpriced facewasher (AUD $19.95) and a small wooden hairbrush (AUD $34.95), thus having to fork out $4.90 myself. Who the heck charges $20 for a small piece of cloth? Oh well, both products had good reviews… 

Next, went to Myer, to check out their Mid-Season Sale. Despite them holding sales like every fortnight, I haven’t been to one in probably about six months. Arghh, I’m out of clothes, but the fashion at the moment is just terrible. Ever wanted to look cute and pregnant simultaneously? If you answered yes, then this is the season for you! Urgh, I can’t stand these smocks. Therefore, I left the clothes section empty handed. I ended buying some 30% off hosiery just because interviews and (potential) future work demands me to wear it. I always ladder them Some random customer strangely gave dad a $10 Myer giftcard the other day, so I spent that

I got hungry and tried to pick a place to eat. Thought Pizza Hut would be a good option, but they only seemed to have large pizzas and there would have been waiting time. So, I make up some superficial excuse and ducked out into the near McDonald’s

Next and final destination was DFO. Went through so many stores, but bought nothing but two silly purchases. A pink satin headband and a necklace totalling to under $4. Definitely silly purchases, considering headbands don’t really fit on my head, due to my physically large and round head and that the headband trend died a few months ago. Also, I never wear jewellery at all! As I’m writing this, the headband is slowly slipping away from my head.

Postscript: no, this entry was not an advertorial for all the places I visited today. My site doesn’t receive enough visits to warrant being paid per entry. It’s just a very trivial entry about my day in the city today with no educational message for the audience.


2 thoughts on “Pre-exam Shopping Fix

  1. I wish I can go shopping..but considering the money and time I have…I give up
    Anyway, good luck for your exams!!!!

  2. This entry has advertising approval. Please check the classification closer to the exam date.

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