It’s finished… not so fast, girl!

Had my final exam today. Honestly, it was kind of a no-brainer. Although I still managed to cross out a correct answer and then replace it with my own stupidity! I need to stop doubting myself! Silly me! Two hours of pure blathering on about anything slightly managerial and software. The challenges are not yet over though, still have one more tomorrow afternoon. 

After the exam, I had originally planned to go straight home and prepare for my next day challenge, but ended up tagging along with the exodus of SE students veering towards uni or Melbourne Central. Convinced myself since a friend had a deadline, I could easily go home early enough. We were in sort of a limbo for a while with no direction, or really not taking the initiative to make a decision, which resulted in us standing in front of a food chain, which M had been really excited about on the walk up, for like half an hour and finding more SE students. Finally, the moments of indecision and hesitation, we ventured to our planned destination of celebratory post-omnis-exam* chocolate and tried out the cavity-inducing Chocolate Pizza with Crunch. Very, very, very sweet and filling!

When I went home, I was force-fed two or three oysters for dinner. Sorry, that was not supposed to sound so decadently wasteful! Or should that read wastefully decadent?

Hmm, I need to do more preparation for my final challenge.

*Like my terrible pseudo Latin?


2 thoughts on “It’s finished… not so fast, girl!

  1. i thought you\’d have an exam today,,, and you were blogging last night… Good luck this afternoon, it is happening in an hour or so.
    The only thing i know about Latin is you dont have to worry about splitting infinitives cus you cant 😉

  2. Not an exam today, but something else that required so much more brain-power than 443. Although, I kind of spent last night on msn instead of preparing for it…443 non-exam marks just got released and I have already passed 😀

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