It’s history now

I finally threw away that invite. Have been re-arranging the furniture and cleaning up my room. 

It’s taken me how many years to do it? I have no idea why I held onto it for like five years. Maybe it was the minimal and elegant design of thick gold cardboard enveloped with golden ribbon? Yes, maybe it was something relatively pretty to place on my bed head, but its sentimental value is questionable. Not that I am one to usually hold onto items due to the memories attached to it. It was an invitation to my Year 12 Formal, addressed to “ + Guest” – well obviously it used my real name, not my online pseudonym. This wholly innocent event caused many a slight displacement in my mind. Issues, such as what am I doing, where am I going, what is happening around me? I remember feeling so lost after it. Maybe my expectations were a little warped…

I guess I had hope that maybe some uni ball would replace the Formal, but it never did happen. Not that a uni ball really means anything anyway… As an outsider (to uni balls), it just looks like an event to get drunk on unlimited alcohol. So not my scene! Hey, not having really made a group of friends in uni and/or being single for the whole of my life wasn’t going to help in attending any of these events anyway. Re: Singledom… Hmm, there’s a possibility I could have left that a year ago, but that’s a whole another story which I will delve into no further, where I am quite sure that I would have not been happy

And now for something completely different… Why oh why, do all you SE boys know how to play piano by ear?! It’s so not fair! Okay, okay, fine… I only know two who can do that… However, every time I go downstairs, I am taunted by my lack of proficiency with the pianoforte or note reading in general.


One thought on “It’s history now

  1. i think i was like you before, never in my life imagined being drunk. Then it happened once and i was dancing – -! So glad no one took any photos… But then it was fun, you should try it once in a while 🙂

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