Being an Adult

Left work early today as I was just not being productive. That’s the beauty about being a casual; being able to leave when you feel you’re just not being useful. If you’re employed full time, you just twiddle your thumbs, browse the allowable internet sites and wait until clock-off time – as I learnt in Company A I probably could have, technically, continued the mountains of work I had to do, but I was too distracted. IT had upgraded to Server Edition and now everyone was supposed to have restricted access to particular drives and functions. My non-working inbox was too much of an inconvenience. 

Was feeling peckish and bought the Korean version of this. I had never bought them before, but they are interestingly strange; chocolate shaped mushroom heads on a biscuit stalk. I ate them on the train and couldn’t help feel that other passengers were thinking that I was so immature and childlish for eating these. I have always been one of those people who wanted to grow up as soon as possible, but maybe, one thing I miss about being a kid, is being able to eat all sorts of fun stuff…

Seems like I can’t stay in the public service for long. I wonder if I can return to Company A or something after a few years… I did always think it was a place for when I was “older”… And the work environment wouldn’t really be much different anyway – hehe bureaucracy and flexitime


2 thoughts on “Being an Adult

  1. That\’s some really cute snack! i got to try it 😉 Is there really a "child food" section? i thought my friend was weird when she thought me buying certain cereals were weird and childish 😛
    PS. Whirlpool forums is my favourite place to get info like "how to deal with copyright infringement notice" hehe

  2. Maybe not a "child food" section, per se, but you can tell when the food is being marketed to people younger than us… Got it at Melbourne Central.

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