A Platonic State of Mind

Does anyone know the noun for the word platonic? As far as I know and can google up, the word platonic seems to only exist as an adjective or injected to become an adverb. Platonia is incorrect, as is Platonism or any other plato+$commonSuffix I can think of. 

On my “research”, I came across this really old-school webpage in regards to how to deal with an unwanted platonic relationship. Although, it’s directed to a dejected male audience, I still thought it was an interesting and slightly amusing read. I’m not completely sure about these tips though. Of course it depends on the situation, but, boy, just tell her, if you like her. Seriously, most of the time, girls can’t tell if you do actually like them or not! However, if she’s actually already given you the “Let’s just be friends” line, well, for your own sanity and mind preservation, it still seems like a bad idea to follow those Dos and Don’ts. Do move on; the more time you spend fantasising about what could have been, the quicker you are losing your rational brain cells. But then again, apparently love is not exactly rational anyway… Damn, why can’t rationality be applicable for everything? Don’t waste your life wishing to be with some most likely imagined-figure-of-perfection-for-you, when in all honesty, it was just a fractured dream that would have never worked in waking hours.

Obviously, it’s kind of a joke page, but it still strikes deep enough that people would use it as a source of reliable-as-the-internet-can-be advice.

For additional relationship advice, backed with the proven confidence of decades of non-experience, I charge $9.95 per word, preferably over msn…

Disclaimer: This entry is not written for or about anyone; it is just my arbitrary musings on the issue. I don’t actually know anyone that has this dilemma, nor has anyone ranted to me about them anyway.


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