I think I have figured out a major reason as to why I don’t look forward to going to work any more. Yes, it could be that I obviously have to work, instead of sleeping-in and doing nothing during my holidays. It could also be that I have so much work to do, that I have no idea if I’ll ever see the end of it. Another possibility could be that I have been there for nearly two years and that I know I’ll be moving on in a few months. 

However, no, it is not really due to any of the above, but that I now have to act as some sort of human emotion receptacle. I thought I could do it, and I thought she was fun and friendly. Friendly, she is, but maybe too much? At first, I thought, ooh, someone from work who I can go to lunch with. I now need to listen to details of her eventful life, and being the person I am, my mind, naturally, wastes brainpower analysing her dilemmas. If I was a normal girl, I wouldn’t be looking for a solution, but be willing to just talk about the issue. Unfortunately, unfeminine as it, I look for an answer.

It really doesn’t help when I know she’s not happy there and would leave in an instant as soon as something better comes up. Does not bode well. Arghh, I’ll have to go through this training thing again!

I absolute love this one: Cave Explorer. Is it slightly schadenfreude to?


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