All work and no play, makes me a dull(er) girl

It’s 10pm-ish now and I’m kind of feeling lonely. It’s cold.  Oh well, I guess I should concentrate on 440 as I have done practically nothing during this winter break. Can you believe this is already the final week of the break? I finally had a detailed look at the first half of the SRS yesterday, but lacked the attention span and enthusiasm to critically review the second half. This break has not been a holiday at all. On the weekdays, it’s either uni or work. I haven’t let myself sleep more either, usually sleeping for about five hours only, which is about the same amount as I sleep during uni. 

I felt like I haven’t had the time to digest that semester one has finished and two is just about to start. Sure, I’ve changed my subjects and prepared my DIY timetable for the new semester, but I’m not in the “zone” yet. I haven’t made any wild goals about trying to gain at least H2 in every subject, summarising notes each week, etc, as I usually do every pre-semester. It’s just all been about while (day == weekday) goto work or uni;. I’m missing that transitional break between end and resuming of uni. Sometimes, it just feels like all go, go, go!


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2 thoughts on “All work and no play, makes me a dull(er) girl

  1. You can do it Ellie!!!! This is what 440 is about, making our life miserable without holiday. BUT think of the free time after graduation…haha not to forget you\’ve already got a job in front of you…pass this half of the year and you\’ll be free…

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