Back in Vogue

Actually, I mean I’m back on the Vogue Forums. Started my hiatus a month before my exams and just never got back into it. 

Woke up “early” this morning so I could attend a testing worksession, but after I got “prepped” and dressed, I found a message saying it had been cancelled. Oh well, I guess I should catch up on some 440 managerial work! Otherwise, I would still be in bed now and sleeping until 5pm, since I ended up sleeping at 5am upon discovery of a Tetris application on facebook.

Finally started looking at my subjects for the upcoming semester. Looks like a few of my subjects are going to be jokes. System Requirements Engineering looks like a crock. Interactive System Design’s website has some terrible first tutorial questions. A 300-level subject should not be asking CSSE students what basic HTML tags mean! Isn’t it ironic that a subject that focuses on usability and design has the worst looking webpage? Looks like Taxation Law is the one I’ll have to be channelling most of my energies to this semester.

Hehe, I was reading my old personal entries (not online) last night. I used to write with such spiritedness! Where has it gone? 



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