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Re: Suggestions for a gift (You may need to log in) 

“Nothing says I love you better than an extra gig of ram. She’ll love 

it. Anyway, who wouldn’t want extra ram? You can probably get it

cheapest at MSY.

And yes i’m being serious.”

“Just imagine the look on 

her face when she opens the present and finds a new shiny stick of ram!

I know it would put a smile on my face.”



P.S. Personally, I am RAM-deprived, but I think I would be slightly bemused, if not disappointed, if I got RAM as a present… despite my pragmatism.


3 thoughts on “Read on Whirlpool

  1. haha..I\’ve got a gig of ram laying around my desk already, since I\’ve got this old version of mother board, I can\’t use that RDD or SDD..I can\’t even what to call its…(something)2. So I\’ve got a ram for nothing, I would want more than a ram thank you. hahah at least get me a LCD mon!!!!!! 

  2. Um, right now, i would be thrilled to have a pack of 50 dual layer blank DVDR\’s 😛
    LCD is ok too, two monitors are awesome: one for constant procrastination, and an extra for occasional procrastination. im such a genius!

  3. Yeah, a dual-screen set up would be nice – I\’ve even blogged about it before :PWhat would be even better would be a whole nice looking and performing computer package 😉

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