Take a chance and dance

I was going to sleep really early last night. Early for me, means pre-midnight. 

Had been feeling really sleepy pretty the whole evening. No one was online. I was slightly sick of playing facebook Tetris Tournament, since I had played it during my four hour break at uni, with my score being the envy of everyone. Keke… I really didn’t feel like doing the much needed 440 work that I should have done. Was going to shower and then remembered I had downloaded this last night, so I just danced in my room for under an hour

I realised I hadn’t danced for ages. I had been uncharacteristically listening to slow, ballad type songs like Shion Miyawaki’s Boy (lyrics), so I just seemed to be stuck in this chilled loop and that was really no good for me. I had realised that I actually hadn’t stepped away from the computer for a long time. If I wasn’t eating family meals, at uni or work, I would be on my computer… Was getting a little too dangerous. Needed to step away from the screen. Stuck on the same thoughts. Had to clear my mind.

Yes, so I didn’t end up sleeping early. Another 3am night.


3 thoughts on “Take a chance and dance

  1. i didnt know you were a dancer! i could never dance lol 
    Someone has added me as his facebook friend, but i still dont want to sign up there or start to waste more time >_<

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