Sanity Check

The only way to stay sane is to throw myself into work. And work is something I have a lot of to do, but I’ve been slacking off for the past two weeks. I managed to get something done last night, but definitely not enough. I have been neglecting my 440 requirements, and the cost of that is going to be immense. I’m going to pay dearly – I know. Work will prevent me from wasting time on unnecessary complications and thoughts. Must channel energies into work!
Confuzzlement abounds. 全然分からない。 

Maybe I need to do one of these to get my mind and life in order?
  • 440: The schedule is tight and the requirements documents are in dire need of being immediately updated. Requirements keep changing due to a lovely client. Another thing I’m very concerned about is testing. It hasn’t started at all. I need my testing points. The system also needs to be tested, but we have no system. It’s like we are starting the project all over again!
  • Tax: Assignment comes out next week and I still haven’t got myself a partner. Have posted a message on the discussion board advertising my predicament, but no replies yet The actual assignment should be okay – not that it’s out yet – but there’s only two weeks to do it and it’s expected to require further research. Just need an assignment partner. I really want to do well in this subject. I’m trying to keep up to speed on the readings, but I’ve been a bit lacking in reading the legislations. Two thick books is just not conducive to study. Also not encouraging is the terrible organisation of the books. Both lack a table of contents and one doesn’t even have page numbers! I also haven’t been dedicated enough in watching the lectures’ screen capture videos, which I found highly beneficial in Financial Accounting.
  • 446: Found a paper to report and decided on an SRS to critique too. Have got a mini assignment that I vaguely started on and is due next week. Priority of that is not very high. I just need to compare foundation answers and then I can make a proper start on it.
  • 371: Got a group for the project. I have no idea how to start the project. Hopefully K does. The project is really the only thing I need to focus on in this subject. I’ve been keeping on top for tute preparation, but methinks that this subject can be crammable at the end of the year. I really need to relearn and further my Java…

Overall, I’ve been staying on top of all the small things that I need to do, but not really the large assessments, hence the huge neglect of 440. Assessment is 80% individual. That means I’m going to be pretty much accountable for my own (lack of) actions if I don’t step it up.


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