Make your mind up!

My goodness! Finding groups to work with for assignments and projects is excruciating. People, stay consistent! 

Was trying to find a Tax Law partner. I received a few replies from my discussion board post, however

  1. One spelt my name terribly wrong. Danger! If you can’t get that right, how can I believe that you can actually make the effort?! Fundamentals…
  2. By the time I replied to another two, they replied saying they were already taken.
  3. One of the two mentioned in point 2 just emailed me today and said her arrangement fell through and that she was free again.

And then someone bailed out from my 371 group and made us a group of only two. At pretty much the last minute too! Disappointing. Spent most of Friday with the concern at the back of my mind, as to how we were going to a) find at least one additional partner and b) survive the project, especially as we’re both not strong coders.

I think the 371 group issue has been tentatively resolved, although I felt so bad when I asked him. The disparity of coding strength between us and them is immense. I’m afraid it would almost be like we were free-loading and not being of any value. Hmm, I don’t like that. Oh no, revealing my complete lack of proficiency is going to be so embarrassing

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4 thoughts on “Make your mind up!

  1. Gambatte, gambatte 🙂 i think Law subjects are the only reasons that i dont want to do accounting… Having a hard time finding ppl to write essay together too 😦 
    Btw im using this id to post comments now, just in case 😛

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