What?! We’re going to a ball?!

I open up my gmail and I find this [edited] email in my inbox.

Hello Team D + A 

Apparently we’re going to IS ball! It’s this
Thursday, cost is $60 if you’re a member of ISSS + $8 to become a member. We
went on Friday to get tickets but we were ridiculously unorganised and missed
out. But we spoke to this dude who said he’d see what he could do if we came on
Monday with all the money (tables seem pretty booked out).

So sorry
about the late notice – who is interested. Can we get enough people tomorrow
with $70? No promises!

If we can’t get it, we’ll just make our own ball,
with blackjack and hookers! In fact, forget the ball!

– M

What?! Do you know all the impracticalities of going to a ball, especially one that is on just this Thursday?! I have to do all the typical girly stuff, like spend money on a dress, shoes and other accessories! I haven’t been keeping a close eye on this season’s fashion, but I know it hasn’t been all too great (read: not what I’m in to). I bet you, I probably wouldn’t be bothered to cut my hair, despite its state of disrepair and split-ends. And forget about the aesthetics; I have deadlines and appointments on the Friday! I have an assignment due 9am and then I have a four hour tax law meeting with V from 10am.

Anyway, I’m not really at uni on Mondays and Tuesday anyway… Probably won’t be going. Phew… All that stress for nothing.

“…Fertilised grape extract”?!
Yes, it should be fermented Haha, I can be such a klutz sometimes :\


2 thoughts on “What?! We’re going to a ball?!

  1. Hehe, if only it was on Friday instead. I\’ve made my final decision to the team, and it\’s no. 😦
    Aww, I kind of wanted to go…

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