Lost: Penguin!

If anyone’s been keeping up with their unimelb email account, they would know what my title is referring to. The phenomenon of spamming and trolling has finally commenced on the unimelb mailing lists. I guess the days of it being restricted to us techies in 440 are over. However, seriously though, if you’ve seen an penguin waddling around in ICT recently, please return it to tanoshiiki… It probably went to the Bouverie Commerce labs though – it’s so bloody cold in there!

Went to the Afternoon Tea today. The culture really does seem like a slacking-off place, so honestly that does concern me. An issue I had with my placement at Company A was that I could foresee that there were going to be periods where I would have absolutely nothing to do. Sincerely, it looks like this situation will arise here as well and some of the current graduates seem even more relaxed and accepting of it. I want to do work. I want to feel like I’m actually part of something and being responsible for that something.

Finally tried to make a start on some 371 coding. Oh, I feel like an utter n00b. Although, in all honesty, I really am. Especially in C#.
Methinks I really need to do some intensive online learning… The only piece of substance I had written was if(input.Contains(“:co”)), which really doesn’t mean anything, and will probably be deleted anyway.


3 thoughts on “Lost: Penguin!

  1. Didnt know ppl still check that email account 😛 Since ive already found an elephant, cant help you with the Penguin im sorry ❤

  2. At the very least Lewis, you could have at least captured it and given it back to me…Haha, I know which penguin you\’re talking about!

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