The tyranny of drunkards

Hmm, I wish people could stop drinking to excess. Especially those who drink for no reason other than to get drunk. For the few non-drinkers who still habitat in this developed world, it would make our lives much easier… Why must people who don’t drink must be subjected to constant harassment of having to drink, attend drinking functions and to “get pissed”. Can’t we live a nice quiet life?

6 thoughts on “The tyranny of drunkards

  1. Aww, Sandi. This entry wasn\’t directed to you, or any one person in particular. It\’s just sort of a cumulative vent and rant.

  2. Would be nice if one day ppl take it the same way as smoker and non-smoker… Ever seen non-smokers turning down a decent cigarette invitation?

  3. You\’re directing it at me :(. *cries* All I want is for you to go out and enjoy yourself :(. You don\’t need to drink in excesss :(. And for good measure :(. 

  4. Like I said, I\’m not directing this to specifically anyone. I can and do have fun and enjoy myself, but I just highly prefer if it does not involve drinking.And Char, what do you mean? As non-smoker, I would definitely turn down any cigarette invitation, regardless of whether the invite was decent or not…

  5. Sorry for the confusion. i meant you wont even be asked for that matter. It\’s just the fact that alcohol is more related to "having fun" rather than "messing up your brain and doing stupid things" in a lot of ways, and ppl tend to share the fun when they are together. i would buy you non-alcoholic drinks 🙂

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