The end is nigh

And today signals the end of “Br1“, as it’s affectionately known in D#. I know the coders have been working hard, but testers? Hmm, it varies. Honestly, I haven’t been as productive as I should be during this mid-semester break. I’m having trouble writing anything, whether it be mundane blog entry or a 1500 word reflective essay. Although, if you think about it, the latter isn’t really that much different from the former. Knowing the standard of my peers in 446, the expected quality would probably be quite similar… 

What my title really refers to is the end of uni. The other day I received a “Provisional Graduation Intention Form”, stating that I could attend a graduation ceremony this December. As boring as these ceremonies are, I don’t want to “graduate in absentia”. I think I will defer my graduation until March 2008, I think that’s when most of my friends will be graduating…

The letter and the limited time left just heralds the finality of it all. Five years at university drawing to a close. The constant sleep deprivation. The varying levels of effort expended throughout the years. The bountiful feelings of displacement c.f. the all too rare moments of belonging.

What happens after all this? What’s out there for me?


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