Unable to reflect

I’m struggling with my 446, but some superficial research confirms that I am unable to write reflectively for uni. I just seem to be re-summarising or re-describing the research essay, which is exactly what I’m not supposed to do. I have written over 900/1500 words, but most of it is just a regurgitation of the paper, therefore most of it will have to be written off.

We will start from what reflective writing is not. It is not:

  • conveyance of information, instruction or argument in a report, essay or ‘recipe’;
  • straight-forward description, though there may be descriptive elements;
  • a straight-forward decision e.g. about whether something is right or wrong, good or bad etc.
  • simple problem solving like recalling how to get to the nearest station.

Reflective writing is not for rational and logical people like me. Why beat around the bush and let emotions cloud your thoughts and judgment? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what reflections call for. You might think if I have a blog or offline diary, surely, I can write reflectively, right? Maybe, but, honestly, what I write is probably still too superficial compared to what the mainstream would consider as “deep”. Regardless, I still feel I shouldn’t be penalised, just because it’s not easy for me to open up.

It is worth thinking of the quality of reflective writing as being on a continuum from rather superficial writings that are largely descriptive, to much deeper writings in which the questioning is more profound. The challenge is at least to ‘go beyond’ descriptive writing. 

Oh well, at least I finally started on this assignment. Let’s try and finish it by Friday night.

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