Fanciful Attempts at Productivity

Was going to bang out my 446 SRS Critique assignment as quick as possible this afternoon. I have a three hour “break” from 2pm to 5pm. Ended up replying to group emails, newsgroup threads and a blog post instead. At the very least, I had a chance to be somewhat reflective. I’ve been too tired to think about anything interesting in the world recently.

Actually, I’ll paste my blog comment here. I won’t be linking the related entry, due to the blogger’s wishes. However, the entry was centered around how decisions don’t seem to be proportionally made to their worth and consequences.

“I’ve always felt the more trivial a decision is, the more stress it seems to induce out of me. Isn’t it funny how some people can spend weeks wondering whether to buy that pair of relatively expensive $500 shoe, but happily sign the documents for a $500K new house loan almost immediately? This happens all too frequently, despite the consumer usually having tried on the shoes multiple times, but only having glanced within the house a few times during Open Inspections. Personally, I know I’ve spent more time choosing ice-cream flavours than deciding on what papers to dissert on for uni… In the long term, we all know what would have been more important, right? No, it’s not the ice-cream…

The idea is to know about the game and play it to your advantage. If you understand it, utilise it to your ways. Know about it, but don’t exploit it, then it’s just foolish! In the end, everyone, banks inclusive, are all just about accumulating profits. The profit is not always and singularly monetary. Genuine altruism is rare in this world. People may try to put on their “nice face”, but most only exist in the greedy want to receive something substantial in return.”

The title should have probably really been “Farcical Attempts at Productivity”.  Less than an hour to go… I’m up to section 4 of a 10 section document.


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