Post-Exams Random Thoughts

I haven’t written in here since last month. Usually I write the most when I’m procrastinating, and procrastinating I did do a lot, but I really just wasn’t sure what to write in here. So, here I present a collection of random thoughts that have ran through my mind recently. I may expand on them later, time and inspiration permitting…

  • I need to clean up my room.
  • I wonder how long I should keep things for and by keeping them, I really hope I’m not betraying anybody’s trust or implying that I don’t trust them. Ah, the aftermath? Oh well, some will have to know eventually…
  • Yay! Uni’s over!
  • I want a long break of passive boredom.
  • What?! It’s going to be 37’C degrees tomorrow?!
  • I need to clean up my computer.



2 thoughts on “Post-Exams Random Thoughts

  1. Hahah I\’ve kinda clean up my room..which is just put everything into a box and stacks it up…so not really cleaning…
    2molo will be 32\’C now..hahahaha

  2. Blame the crazy weather, it dried up all my thoughts… (took me 10 whole minutes to come up with this comment >_<)

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