Going to go broke!

Bwhahaha, bought exactly $99 of discounted beauty products today  

Omg, the Bloom Cosmetics sale was sooo good! Everything was like 4 to 6 times less than the retail price I spent $40 there, so the RRP of all my products were probably over $200! As for whether I’ll actually use all of them, well…

I went to three sales today; in order: MOR, Prestige and Bloom. As I was starting to run out of cash and I didn’t use my debit/credit at MOR or Prestige, I thought it’d be good idea to take out some cash, just in case. Hmm, turns out I forgot my pin One, it’s a new card. Two, I probably use my card once a year or something?! Oops! Luckily, I had (just) enough money for Bloom…

I’m using way too much money these days… Poor house deposit


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