In regards to money

Seems like my monetary situation will be changing very soon Recently, I’ve already spent way too much money. It’s not just those aforementioned beauty warehouse sales, but I have also been going out a lot to eat, as well as other events. It comes with the territory, I guess… Sometimes I used to go at least a few weeks without doing any spending. Now, I spend at least $20 every week. Therefore, my amount of actual tangible cash has been running dangerously low. 

Have just been told that I will have to pay board when I start full-time work. It has also been unsubtly implied that I have to actually start using my own money from now on. I was not impressed. Yes, definitely, bye bye house deposit. Some readers might think that it’s selfish of me and crazy of my parents to still let me “leech” off them. I am usually a responsible spender and don’t go recklessly spending on just about anything. I usually refuse to buy something unless it’s on special. Sometimes I do go overboard, but which materialistic girl living in a Western world doesn’t? Plus, those times are rare.

I guess I now have to actually know my card PIN… Was fifth time lucky yesterday Amazing that I had not been locked out! Must transfer money to my card account. Luckily, I’ve been keeping track of my expenses for the past two years. Now to analyse what’s a reasonable amount to put in and take out every week or so…

Woah, my highest spend month was October and my lowest spend was May… The difference between the months is a multiple of almost 30!

Hmm, instead of buying another $4 “just okay” lip balm from MOR yesterday, I should have bought two more of these Dolce Marshmallow Powder Puffs! I bought one initially because I thought it was just really cute and kitschy. I do have a tendency to fall for such things; when combined with a very low price tag: hello immediate buy. I opened it up when I was with a friend and he said “Mmm, musk”, so I was like, ooh great, it has nice fragrance as well. Now I’ve realised it actually does have powder inside the puff, ie slightly functional! Although the sale version was only packaged in a sealed plastic bag as opposed to the “vintage keepsake box”, it was only $2 – an absolute bargain from its RRP of about AUD$35! Hmm, now what was all this talk about my financial situation being tight…? Hmmm, “responsible spender”? Uh-oh, have I been bitten by the spend-bug?


One thought on “In regards to money

  1. Hey ellie,
    hahahah i was told the same thing by my parents practically word for word BUT in year 9. They call it "return on investment"

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