In Hong Kong

I’m in an Internet terminal in Hong Kong right now. I’m living in the Wan Chai district and the region seems to be full of nightclubs and prostitutes… Very seedy. I’m going to be honest, HK has not met my expectations at all; actually it’s been very disappointing Japan was awesome. There were some frustrating moments, but in comparison, I seriously want to return there now and buy their 7000+ Yen skirts. Sure, that’s expensive and I’m too fat to fit in their sizing, but at least they’re pretty. The clothes in HK atm, seems to be really casual – that’s not my style at all. What happened to the OLs of HK? People seem to wear jeans to work now With Japanese clothing, I would only have to do some losing weight and then I could fit in their beautiful clothes
Re: Losing weight. Omg, I’m so fat. When I return back home, I think the scales will show an increase of at least 5kg. Oh goodness, not good. Have been overeating and undersleeping for over a month now…
Yeah, HK is a disappointment. I’m seriously considering booking a plane back to Japan – it’s only 4 hours. However, I don’t think that’s feasible!

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