Disjunctions, as I may start writing snippets together that don’t make sense.Quite a lot of things have happened recently, many I won’t elaborate, but may touch on.

I went to Yamato again with the A&F girls about two weeks ago. Unfortunately, this time was a disappointment. Most of the girls were very "Western" in that they were all my "Omg, you’re being adventurous" to anyone who ordered something that didn’t have an English title – most of the items anyway! As I booked for seven, we got one of the private, traditional dining rooms. I had no idea that the table had been affixed on top of a opening, so we could actually sit normally with our legs dangling down, rather than kneeling. Service was quite poor this time, as I think we waited for about 30 minutes before we starting getting any food. Also my katsudon ramen was way too salty. I might give it another try (especially with people that appreciate Japanese food…), but I’m wary now.

However, in other and much better Japanese dining, went to Momoco Sushi yesterday with I. I think this may have made him a convert into the world of sushi It was really fresh and good tasting sushi, plus prettily presented. I wanted to take a photo, but I only remembered after already polishing two maki pieces Even the seaweed tasted different! I guess, I’ve been consuming some quite ordinary, assembly-line sushi from the dime-a-dozen city sushi outlets, that I’ve forgot what real sushi should taste like.

Work is just disillusionment now. Or do I mean I have become disillusioned with it? Thank goodness that this is only a rotation! Two more months of this and I’m outta here! I actually met up with the A&F co-ordinator last week to rant (with some hot chocolate) about this. She suggested some useful solutions, although honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll be even to implement them. At that meeting, I think I realised I’ve just lost spirit in where I’m currently at. It’s reached a point that I don’t want to be there anymore and I don’t necessarily want to better myself either. It’s as if I have completely no motivation and completely apathetic. I’m not usually like this at all. I guess, when I am somewhere, where I can see there are no opportunities for me and I can get out soon, I must feel like there’s no point. I feel like I have no obligations, no one to impress, etc. It’s not a place where I can *shine*.

Was going to get my chance to visit Sri Lanka and be a bridesmaid for the first time. That’s cancelled now. Koh Samui, here we come then?


One thought on “Disjunctions

  1. =.= no-kneeling in a Japanese restaurant is dodgy.
    Hope you\’ll get something you like during your next rotation 🙂

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