I’ve lost it

I’ve lost my writing mojo or vibe or whatever…  

All too often, I’ll click the Add link and I might write a sentence or few, but I never finish it and I just discard it. I just don’t really know what to focus on any more. Maybe I get distracted, but if I really want to do something, I usually do it.

I went link-browsing through a friend’s blog and I per-chanced on a blog of a girl. The blog was candid. Very candid. At times, even more candid than my offline diary. It sort of made me miss writing. I’m quite sure, I’ve said that quite recently in another entry. I miss it, but I don’t even know what to write anymore. No one wants to hear about my boring job. I do nothing when I come home. And on the weekends, I’m mostly in bed asleep. That’s not anything spectacularly interesting that’s going on in my life that I can write about.

Seeing a paper craft template posted on friend’s facebook profile, I got inspired to take up paper crafting again. Which really means just making another one, increasing my total paper craft projects by a whopping one hundred per cent! I posted pics up on my facebook


2 thoughts on “I’ve lost it

  1. lol paper crafting ftw!!!!
    Can\’t you just be an accountant and write about how irrelevant uni study was 😛 Or the dog you pet on your way home, or noisy kids on trams…

  2. I know what you mean. I think of what to write on my blog while I am waiting for my bus to come. I would like to write down the things I see at that particular time or something that I hate happened. Then again, when I finally log onto my blog. I don\’t know how to write it any more. Especially when I\’m lacking sleep and not knowing excatly what I am typing. I keep making typos on MSN…..hahaha
    Write about anything. And I mean ANYTHING!! I\’ll be interested to read what ever you write 😉

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