To be in your shadow

I’m “shadowing” someone tomorrow.
It’s such a strange term, but it’s quite an accurately descriptive term. Like a shadow, I follow someone around for the whole day. Although, unlike a shadow, I don’t think I’m expected to be this quiet, often forgotten about object.
I sometimes wonder if my current manager thinks I’m avoiding being at work. I’ve had so many out of office meetings and trips recently. I had a three-plus hour Seminar Series lecture today. Jim Betts* is totally crazy, and in probably a great (read: awesome) way. Apparently he went to uni with Boris Johnson, whom Betts called a “clown” He was a really interesting speaker and loves talking a lot. He kept on going on about the revolution he’s trying to put in place at DOT. Although, obviously, I know people who work there and a lot of them don’t like it. He does seem like someone who could change a place, but he’s going to encounter a lot of resistance, especially when most of the public service is still so old and stuck! He’s a very young secretary, by the way…
The rest of the speakers were completely sleep-inducing. I had heard the D– spiel two times already, so it was a complete waste of time staying to hear it the third time. D– would be a great place to work… if I cared about people. Well, you know, in that way…
Back to whether my current manager thinks I’m avoiding the office. Of course, tomorrow, I have my all-day shadowing. I’ll be shadowing a Senior Education Officer, which sounds like a really good opportunity… if I was interested in Education. So, why am I going? It will be much better than being in the office, wondering what I could do next, which is what most of my rotation has been like It gets to a point, where one can only ask your supervisor, manager, colleagues, etc for extra work and to be met with a no, so many times. I rather expand my mind in different ways! Apparently, I’ll get to sit in on some meetings and check out some “innovative” schools. The opportunity would really be perfect for someone looking to be a teacher, principal, etc. I’m going to make the most of it, regardless.
Then, on Friday, I’ve got my CA Orientation from 9am to 10am. Yep, my study life is resuming. Received the MAA308 Candidate Learning Pack last week and I’m waiting on the textbook. Compared to what I’ve heard about CPA from the other A&F grads, CA seems less organised Hopefully, the orientation will give me some clarification. I had a tentative plan to start reading the content, but I haven’t so far.
So, from this Wednesday afternoon to later Friday morning, I won’t have been in the office for nearly two days. Plus, Friday is actually a busy day too. Got an out-of-office team meeting, a lunchtime Priceline beauty event, a branch meeting and an afternoon tea for someone moving on. In a normal job, one would stress how would they ever get their job done?! I have no qualms, as my work takes about an hour to do on average anyway (out of the whole work day!)… Three weeks and two days to go. The countdown has begun, which I may expand on in a later entry.
I’d better go, got to wake up at just 6:45am or so!

*Hahahaha! I found his facebook profile! How many VPS Secretaries have a facebook profile

Edit: Bwhahahaha! I just friend requested Betts. He’s probably abandoned the account anyway. We have similar profile pictures – a tram in the background


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