Going Dutch / Failing as a food blogger

Went to Hans Brinker today. They have no official separate site, so no official pics either. Search them up, there are a few blog posts and flickr pics. 

Hans Brinker is a little Dutch pancake eatery on the quieter side of QV, along Russell Street. They offer both savoury and sweet pancakes, as well as hamburgers and many, multiple flavours of hot chocolate!

I chose the Silk Chocolate Poffertjes. A dessert dish that comes with 16 poffertjes. On top of the mini, fluffy pancakes was a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a good drizzling of chocolate sauce and a cute flowery-shaped butter piece (from a piping bag). Plus, a side dish of lightly-dusted cocoa on whipped cream Apparently, I made a friend salivate with this description in my work-emails this afternoon.

The presentation of it was pretty and would’ve been great to upload on this site. I didn’t even think of a camera until after I ate about five of the little Dutch pancakes and a good part of the ice-cream.

Yes, I fail as a food blogger


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