Wagyu, Wagyu, Wagyu

Went to Rockpool last night to celebrate a very special occasion
We chose it because I really wanted to try wagyu and through “research”, Rockpool kept coming up again and again. 

The restaurant is located near the entrance of Crown Towers and from the outside, you can see that it’s a very smart (read: expensive) establishment.

Once inside, we were seated a big table for two, with an interesting lamp that we couldn’t work out the mechanics of… The lamp is really the only source of menu-readable lighting at the table. Otherwise, the place is quite dark, with only dim lights, the kitchen and the casino’s hourly gas flames adding some brightness to the place. However, this isn’t a place for bright lights. It’s definitely very “adult”. Even if there were a few well-behaved families there.

Now, to the menus. They are probably the only kitsch aspects to the whole place. They are printed on the back of a photo of a cow. It’s like a reminder of this is what you’re going to be eating tonight… Mmm, cow

For our entrée, we chose the Modern Caesar Salad and My Steak Tartare with Chips. I think we got confused as to what tartare meant and confused it with tartare sauce It was actually a plate of nicely herbed raw beef mince on lettuces. If not for the very dim lighting, I really think that if I had saw it, he would have been hesitant about eating it I could taste that it was raw, but it was prepared nicely and it went well with the chips and he actually liked it! It felt quite strange eating chips with a knife and fork, i.e. cutting chips with a knife…The Caesar salad had an egg in the middle with a yolk that ran lovely golden. It was a very nice salad and nothing like the ones in the cafes, saturated in mayonaise.

Next, the dish we were all waiting for arrived: The $110 Rib-Eye Wagyu steak! I will admit that I’m not a steak connoiseur, and very rarely order it, if at all. It is served by itself, with nothing but some complementary selection of sauces on the side. Oh, and a lemon wedge too. My impressions are that it’s very a tender meat with absolutely no gristle. Also, as you swallow it, you can feel the beef fat smoothly run down your throat. I chose it to be cooked medium, but I think medium rare would have been better; tasted a bit too grilled at the sides. Whether it’s worth that price is another question.

Dessert was wonderful. I choose the Strawberry Salad with Vanilla Panna Cotta and Rosewater Granita; absolutely delicious. Mmm, rosewater This was  served in a martini glass; granita on top of the strawberry salad (consisting of chopped up strawberry and jelly pieces), which was then on top of the Panna Cotta. I chose Passionfruit Marshmallow and Chocolate with Pine(?) Nuts. The marshmallows had a yummy passionfruit fragrance as well as taste. The chocolates had salt on them – on purpose, to highlight the nutty flavours, I presume – so I didn’t like that as much.

All up, a really great dinner

Yes, no photos again. Maybe I’ll become the photoless food blogger


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