Extremely late night shopping!

It’s nearly 1:30am. Somehow, I ended up searching prices of Micro M2 cards for my Sony Ericsson K550i and I’ve just charged a few bucks to my credit card.
Looking forward to receiving my $5 512mb Sandisk M2 card soon…  


I know there’s a reason why it’s $5, but 512mb is way better than the measly 128mb card I got included. Anyone want that, I could sell it for $1?
Now, I can transfer a few albums on it, to catch up on my music.

Btw, I checked ebay for M2 prices up to 2Gb, but most of the times the shipping was even higher than the price of the card! Honestly, I don’t really need that “much” amount of space since I hardly use my phone or (anything else for that matter!) as a portable music player.


5 thoughts on “Extremely late night shopping!

  1. You\’ve got the same phone as me!!! I\’ve asked my mum to buy it for me last year when she was back to Macau. Mine is white. What color is your\’s?? Hehe..can\’t believe we\’ve got the same phone. I don\’t mind buying your 128mb for $1, since I only got 64mb that came with it. Hehe…..

  2. Hehe, I was only joking about really selling it 😛 I still haven\’t received it yet, maybe next week then. Apparently, they are selling them $5 instore as well, so you can go check that out. My phone is in black, I wanted white, but they were only selling black in Australia. I don\’t mind black now.

  3. My sis\’s one is black also… hehe…I love my phone..but try to don\’t drop this… it is less "drop tolerant" than Nokia.. my keys are a bit stuff because I droped it a few times..haha

  4. Oops, I dropped it at Border\’s last week. Still working fine though, phew! I\’m hoping this phone will last me a while 🙂

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