Argh, I sound like a fob!

As the house is empty, I thought I ‘d sing louder than usual. As I also had my mobile nearby, I thought I’d record how I sound. 

Besides the usual too much shakiness, on playback, I heard a fob!

I realised I don’t actually enunciate my words properly whilst singing. I sound like a fob! Argggghhh! I’ve lived in Australia all my life!

Maybe, I’ve been listening and signing along to many foreign songs… Crap! Is this how I speak too?!

Disclaimer: There’s nothing wrong with sounding like a fob, if you’re not actually born here.


3 thoughts on “Argh, I sound like a fob!

  1. lol im so offended by the disclaimer 😛
    Was nice running into you the other day, all the best for the upcoming trips 🙂

  2. Hey C, was an unexpected surprise last week 🙂 Hope the house-warming was good! Fingers crossed about Thailand, eh?Hehe, this entry was written facetiously, in mock shock-horror! 😛 I miss organised singing though…

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