Wishing for another holiday

I’ve been back for just over a week. Silly me returned to work the day after my plane landed. I was so tired for the week, but so grateful that it was the Christmas week. That meant I could go home early on Christmas Eve, plus have four full days off in total  


It’s now just after noon. I could go off and get some lunch, I think I will.


Back from lunch. Had a dodgy lunch at China Bar. I had BBQ Pork Buns. They smelt and tasted weird, as if they had been sitting next to the century old duck eggs It had a strong taste and smell of Calcium Hydroxide, or even bleach That’s a never go back there again place then! Urgh, I hope I don’t get sick. I ended up going to the Asian grocer and bought some shrimp crackers and a large bottle of milk tea.


My stomach is not in the best of shape atm. Inside and out. Under three hours to go. Waiting for specific person to visit to critique work. Yea…


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