Positive thinking and procrastination

My exam is in about two weeks and I know nothing. This seems to be a recurring theme, doesn’t it?  

Why is it always like that. Brain, let me concentrate. Make me concentrate!

Oh yeah; the other part of the entry title. I’m starting to think positive thinking does help. Of course, it could just be pure coincidence; that’s the rational way of thinking. A trivial example was at yesterday’s lunch seminar where they were drawing out surveys to win a book. About halfway, someone brought up positive thinking and the person I was sitting next to said that she never wins anything and she’s probably not going to get it. She didn’t believe she would, but I started thinking inside, yes, I will get a copy, I am going to get it. And the last survey pulled out was mine!

Do exams and merit marks work that way?
Could I also wish myself slim and beautiful? Bwhahaha
However, I don’t think positive thinking is enough to acquire a beautiful house like this!


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