FSparkle Review

After using my brother as the guinea pig, I finally decided to try FSparkle myself. My brother said it didn’t work and that he actually felt tired and went to bed soon after. I’ve been severely sleep deprived these few days, with the extent of actually wanting to buy some sort of caffeinated drink during work. Chai is my drink of choice. Anyhow, I decided to give it a try. 


I will preface this review by saying that I really don’t think
I’m the best candidate for these type of products. After multiple cups
of coffee, tea and even V, I can still be seriously tired and have a
peaceful sleep.

Basically, FSparkle is an energy drink in a pill. Or more correctly, it comes in a sachet of two pills, the size of Panadol capsules. Pills as in you have to swallow them with water. Iinitially, I had erroneously thought they would be of the soluble type, making a great tasting drink. The copy on the box claims that will “add some sparkle to your day”!  

Yesterday, I woke up so tired. I thought this would be a great opportunity to test out the powers of this vitamin Bs, electrolytes and herbs based supplement. For the few hours of the morning I was still quite tired and during the meeting, I was only answering at a minimum. However, I found as the day went on I did feel slightly more awake and I also didn’t have that usual 3pm drop out, where all I want to do is nap. That said, I cannot say I completely felt refreshed and fully energised.

To be honest, the juries out on this one. It might work for you, but as with any sort of multivitamin-based product, if you’re not deficient in the first place, the effect may be minimal even with the added herbs. Then again, I seem to be immune from the awakening effects of coffee and energy drinks!

Give it a go! You never know.


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