Stop Me if haven’t heard of Daniel Merriweather

Got the latest (or the only album) from Australia’s own Daniel Merriweather.
Actually Melbourne’s own 

I’ve been a fan of Daniel Merriweather since his first little-known, but very catchy songs like City Rules and She’s Got Me were being played on late night Australian radio back in the early 2000s. Since then, he’s had a few years in the UK, mentored up by Mark Ronson and now living in the States. And finally, he’s released his first album!

In Love & War, Merriweather’s style has matured since those early 2000 tracks, but his soul/blues roots still lie strong. Less mainstream r&b and slightly more adult contemporary now.

My top picks:

  • 03 Change (feat. Wale) – The lead single
  • 04 Chainsaw – A remix of it is available to download when you play the CD through your computer, and it’s even better than the original
  • 05 Cigarettes – This is little bit rougher sounding to emphasise the pain/sorrow themes
  • 07 Could You – This seems like such a “happy” song. It’s not like poppy-happy, but puts you in a good mood



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