Buggy Windows Live Spaces and FIN is done

I was trying to write a blog entry last Wednesday, but Spaces was being buggy and it wouldn’t let me publish the entry. I still have the entry saved on my desktop, but most of it isn’t relevant any more. 

What is still relevant:

And CA is done for the year.
Can’t say it was that great an exam, but as long as I get 40/80, I’ll be happy! I did almost my best – ran out of time and missed some basic concepts Concepts that I had even highlighted during reading time. Mad flurry. Marking will be tight. On the tram ride to work from the exam, I did a quick check of how much marks I thought I could get, and it is hopefully a borderline pass. However, that relies on me thinking that what I’ve actually got right, is actually right. 

I should sleep now. Last week of work for the year. I will be taking three days leave in order to get ten days of a break.

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