Post FIN and beyond

It’s funny not having to study (until for a few months). I’m not used to it any more (again). Did AAA during the middle of year and with less than one week’s break, went straight into FIN. 

It’s nearly time to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year again. Where did the year go? Mostly on study and work, of course…

Here are some things I’d like to do post EBA:

  • Further study This could be something less stressful, like learning further Japanese and/or Chinese. Or the complete opposite way and take up a Masters in something. An MBA is cliché, but it doesn’t feel like it has much value any more, or probably more that it is probably useless to attain this when you don’t actually have real managerial experience. I’m quickly losing my Japanese proficiency and Chinese is always something that is useful to learn. Those Sunday Chinese school sessions were such a waste of time… There’s also the option of doing some completely unrelated short course of too.
  • Join a choir I love singing, but without any real practice, the voice really, really, really goes. I am quite squeaky and easily go out of breath. I need the basic singing exercise practice.
  • Get back into IT? I have the background; I used to have the interest; I just need to get back into it (geddit? ). It would highly unlikely be in programming, but more usability and business analysis, since that’s where my IT interests lie. I want applications to be easy and intuitive for the user. They shouldn’t have to guess where the heck some option is, or what does this strange icon do?! I just need to start reading articles again, so I know how that world is going as I play with dollars on the screen all day. And surely it’d be more interesting reading than AASBs, right?

Pending passing FIN (which I bloody well hope I do, I’d really better!), I think next year won’t be too bad. Everyone at work keeps saying it’s going to be mega-busy. I believe them, but “busy” in my Department is sort of a different busy compared to private sector. Probably a few more late nights than usual? Personally, I think it will be exciting and challenging. Besides work, it’ll only be EBA. Last bit of study and it’ll all be done. Wait out the 3 years of practical experience, get my mentor to sign it all and hello CA after my name. Not sure what it’ll really do for me, but hey!

I have a few things I would like to do very soon, so I think for the first time in my life, I am going to make some new years’ resolutions. I will expand on these in an upcoming entry.


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